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After acquiring the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio, HCL has made a major announcement about the launch of HCL Digital Solutions. Titled ‘Live from Tokyo’ the launch event has been scheduled for December 4, 2019, and will be broadcast live from Tokyo starting 9 am EST/3 pm CET. The webcast will cover the launch of HCL […]

AGENDA: A quick overview of Notes Migration O365 options Choosing the “target” Demo (Migrating a custom Notes app to SharePoint) FAQs on migration with SPFx Q&A Watch the recording here:  

Maarga is conducting a webinar titled ‘See it in action: Migrating custom app to SharePoint‘. This webinar is aimed at addressing the different methods of developing applications in SharePoint and in understanding SPFx. The most exciting feature of the Webinar is that all the registered participants would have an opportunity to watch a LIVE migration […]

This blog post helps you to recreate the Outline view of IBM Notes on SharePoint. Prerequisites: SharePoint Framework development Environment SharePoint Online This uses React, Redux, Reactstrap and React Router React – Front End Framework. Redux – Store to communicate/share data between component Reactstrap – A Bootstrap 4 component for React React Router – For […]

Why compare UiPath vs BluePrism vs Automation Anywhere?  These three toolsets are the leaders in the world of Robotic process automation according to Gartner reports. UiPath is particularly leading at the top for pioneering Automation with AI to make even the automation of complex and cognitive processes possible.  Skills  Basic understanding of the business process, flow, and control  Across all three toolsets, the common […]

When you are new to the SharePoint and O365 world, it can be very confusing to understand the different ways of building applications. This is more confusing, especially for people coming from a traditional Lotus Notes background, where NSF files and the ability to build client or web applications are available right within.  Here is [...]
RPA Robot Hand

The Director (Enterprise Applications) of an Indian media giant opens up on their journey of evaluation and implementation of RPA in their organization. Here are the excerpts: How and When did you feel the need for RPA in your organization? CIO had a technical background and had been exposed to concepts of RPA. Also, most […]

In SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint online, we can package and deploy all three types of workflows, List workflow, site workflow and reusable workflows, where as in SharePoint 2010 only Reusable workflow have this option. Let us discuss about SharePoint designer workflows the steps to package and deploy

SharePoint Online (SPO) has emerged as the front runner in digital collaboration platforms. This webinar will give you a whirlwind tour of the key features of SPO and how your business teams can transform business processes to be more agile.

When email is migrated from IBM Notes to Office 365 or Outlook, Domino applications tightly coupled to Notes mail will be impacted. Maarga’s ‘Domino Diagnostic’ will help you uncover the apps that are vulnerable and how you can remediate your impacted Domino applications.

Applications are the heart of your IBM Domino landscape but recent analyses show that many enterprises are re-evaluating the future of Notes/Domino. Should you focus on modernization, maintenance or migration? To answer that, first you need clarity on the business value of each application and the extent of technical complexity. Using panagenda’s Application Insights, Maarga’s […]

If you are an Domino Apps Admin, this is something very predominant issue we will face with apps server. The predominant task of a Domino Admin is to save the cost of storage and ensure optimal utilization of the server while maximising uptime.

A motorbike industry leader reduces warranty claims by 34% using workflow automation. HR shrinks hiring cycle from 37 to 23 days using smart workflows. Sales teams win 30% more deals using an automated proposal approval system.

Domino Server

Enterprises CIO faces a difficult challenge with the IBM domino platform. Should it be migrated, maintained or modernised? This webinar lays bare the options available for the IT leadership.

Imagine this scenario, Mike steps into his office and among other tasks has to book a conference room for an impromptu meeting. Mike mails his supervisor for an approval following which, Mike plans to send the mail to the facilities department, check on the room availability and book it. Sounds simple, and that’s what Mike […]

Domino Server

Is the world migrating out of the Lotus Notes platform? Lotus Notes born in 1989, is now a 28 year old mature youth powering productivity and collaboration across several large enterprises. The platform has been criticised as out dated in the cloud, social and mobile first world. And that has spun off lots of tools […]

IBM Lotus Notes Tools

The need for speed in fixing bugs, checking the performance of applications, comparing different versions of code, customizing result displays, bringing out well aligned design elements are all part and parcel of a developers daily grind. Here, I have given six tools which can help the Lotus Notes Developer do his job with finesse.

Getting Office 365 into the enterprise is one thing, its quite another to get the employees to adopt it. While the business case is built on better collaboration, how do we transform individuals into high performance teams? How do we drive adoption?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to query and display data from multiple lists.

To do this, you need to insert the ‘Content Query’ Web Part. This Web Part can be inserted on any Web Part Page.

From today we are starting a new series along with our Tweak Thursdays, on the different aspects on how to Migrate Lotus Notes Application.


With Microsoft focussing on a cloud-first, mobile-first strategy, ‘SharePoint Framework’ (SPFx) is rapidly gaining ground with developers creating Apps on SharePoint Online. If you are getting started with SPO, the SPFx framework can help you create rich user experiences on mobile devices. This webinar will be a hands on learning session. Topics covered are: How […]


With Microsoft focussing on a cloud-first, mobile-first strategy, ‘SharePoint Framework’ (SPFx) is rapidly gaining ground with developers creating Apps on SharePoint Online. If you are getting started with SPO, the SPFx framework can help you create rich user experiences on mobile devices. This webinar will be a hands on learning session. Topics covered are: How […]

Notes Apps strategy with mail migrating to Office 365

With mail migration from IBM Notes to Office 365 is becoming industry standard, enterprises are saddled with several apps built on the Domino platform. What should be the strategy to handle these Notes Apps? Should you migrate them to SharePoint Online, remediate them to work with Office 365 or simply retire the apps?

Notes Apps strategy with mail migrating to Office 365

IBM Notes and Domino grew as an application platform and applications were built and enhanced on Domino for nearly 20 years. There are organizations with thousands of applications that are still “in use”. With IBM shying away from investing further on this platform, there is a need for CIOs to shape up a strategy to transform the Notes investment.

SharePoint Online Webinar

Accelerate your workflow projects with expertise just a click away. Maarga Systems, a boutique consultancy with deep expertise in workflows since 2003 brings to you a practitioner’s perspective of implementing workflows on SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online Webinar

With a slew of choices between SharePoint Designer, Nintex and more, get the low down on what to choose when. Master the world of workflows with SharePoint Online in this hands on webinar.

SharePoint List View Threshold

SharePoint lists can handle only 5000 items? Does that mean I need to invest in a SQL database to handle my application data? I have more than 5000 documents in my Notes application – can I not use SharePoint? This is for SharePoint Online? There are several questions that we keep hearing about this across […]

Attachments in Node or Mongodb

In order to extract attachments or files from IBM Domino we can use the following methods, Using Agents and transfer file data as base64 to Node or Mongodb. Using http connection between node and Domino and accessing the file through its URL The authentication part can be handled either by user authentication or Domino Web […]

Google Maps API‎ for Geocoding

What is Google Geocoding? Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) which are used as markers in Google Maps. In this post, we are going to see how we can use Google maps API for Geocoding in Domino applications. For more information about Google Geocoding, please follow the link. […]

Ten Challenges To Migration From IBM Notes To Office 365

[Webinar] Top 10 challenges to migration from IBM Notes to Office 365 Migrating out from Lotus Notes to Office 365 can be fraught with risks affecting schedule and causing end user disruption. In this free webinar, Maarga experts discuss the top 10 challenges to migrate from IBM Notes to Office 365. Watch the recording to learn […]

IBM Connections

IBM connections 6.0 is fresh off the oven, released on 27 March and opens up a new world of opportunities in enterprise social collaboration.

Quickr to Office 365 Migration

Data migration from Quickr to Office 365 is an important step in getting your organization on a thriving enterprise collaboration platform.

Things we are going to discuss in the Lotus Notes Application Migration article will be on

IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration how and why every organisations need to be social. Let us answer some of the questions in your mind.

IBM Notes To IBM SmartCloud Migration is a tedious migration task and eats all your time and money if you don’t have a correct project plan.

IBM SmartCloud-domino

Is managing your enterprise’s Domino Infrastructure taking up too much time ? Tired of maintaining on premise servers? Need a smarter solution for your on-the-go workforce? It’s time to switch to IBM SmartCloud.


A study by McKinsey Global Institute found that on an average, an employee spends 28% of his or her time at work reading and answering emails.

Requirements are almost always the single largest reason for the success (or the lack thereof) of Notes Domino projects.

IBM Lotus Notes migration projects take anywhere from 4 months to 2 years typically. There are several factors that influence schedule.

Lotus Notes Migration Tool Kit

Lotus Notes has been the platform within enterprises for communication, be it email, messaging, scheduling or collaborating. With Office 365 becoming the most adopted platform, enterprises are looking at minimal downtime and disruption while migrating from Lotus Notes to the Office 365 platform.

Among the challenges to a successful migration, data validation is one of the top three. This article outlines how our methodology addresses this problem.

new ESN tool (IBM Connections, Yammer, Jive, etc.) introduced in an organization triggers a series of things. Some are hesitant to try a new tool.

Collaboration Almanac is an indigenous product of Maarga that helps organize and visualize collaboration goals an organization throughout the year

Read our step wise guide on how IBM Bluemix can be leveraged with your existing Xpage application.

Recently, IBM has been heavily promoting their social collaboration software, IBM Connections which at first glance looks similar to Lotus Quickr existing for quite some time.

Research have shown that in a social software of most of the organizations only 1% of the employees take an active part and share content/information over the public forum.

Profiles in IBM connections

If you are using IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 or above then you are likely to be entitled to IBM Connections ‘Files’ and ‘Profiles’ applications.

IBM, after a very long time have introduced a public beta for Notes 9. We, at Maarga present you with a set of Cheat Sheets that will help you to traverse through the new features that IBM Notes have to offer you.

As I was reading up a very interesting pdf on the Net, I felt a need to have it saved on to my Notes database. When I started downloading these images onto my computer

As an IT Manager, that has an existing portfolio of Lotus Domino applications, you would be compelled to extend some of your business critical applications to mobile, so that you can exploit

Its been about 10 days since I moved to IBM Notes 9 Beta. Before going in to the details of what I like, here are the details about the specific version I am running.

In the previous post I have already mentioned about the prerequisite for LinkedIn, here we are going to see how to integrate with XPages

As a company which has been providing solutions on the Notes and Domino front for the past decade, we often come across customers asking us these questions.

As Part of integrating social, we will discuss about the integration with LinkedIn and XPages

Social world is emerging and Facebook is one of the components. It is quite easy to integrate Facebook to any XPages application.

As I found myself waiting for quite a few minutes to open applications every time that I needed to check out project critical data, I realized that there should be a better way of getting at the bigger picture.

From the last post we have seen how to integrate with Twitter, In this post we are seeing how to get the ReTweeting, follow, tweet to specific account and to specific # Tags functionality.

In the world of acronyms, an IBM APAR is a term used in IBM for a description of a problem with an IBM program that is formally tracked until a solution is provided.

Social world is emerging and Twitter is one of the famous components. It is quite easy to integrate twitter tweets to the XPages.

This is an interesting tweak that will allow you to access your GMail through RSS feeds in your Lotus Notes Client.

With the release of IBM Connections 4.0 on 7th September comes a whole new experience in Social Collaboration inside an organizations.


Would it not be great if you could link to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from right inside XPages with a simple click of the button? If you think this would help you,


Having understood the power of XPages, you, the IT Manager now need to come up with a plan to efficiently migrate your Notes applications


Would you like to have your own workspace for all your XPages Applications on the Web? A workspace to which you can add any number of bookmarks


There are different approaches possible when bringing existing business critical applications to mobile.

Tweak Thursdays 12

Having worked with hundreds of variables in my Xpages application, I was struck with the thought that there should be some way of reducing

Temporary File Path using scrip

Here is a quick piece of code to get the System Temp directory to store any temporary documents.

‘Tweak Thursdays’ has reached its 10th post. And I am happy to write it. Of course, we are going to continue this series. Don’t even have an iota of doubt about it.

5 small

As a Service Manager/Infrastructure Head, you are always on the look out to increase the ROI on Lotus Domino. Here are 5 little steps which will help you in your endeavor.

Last week I was working on a project where the customer needed to get categorized data from a Notes view onto different sheets of Excel.

Have you done inline edit in Notes View? By clicking on a cell, you could edit the value of the field. How would it be in XPages?

Last week, I was helping the fresh recruits find their way in a mini project that they were doing in XPages.

As I was reviewing my pilot project with a satisfied eye, my team lead came up with the suggestion that we needed to do something to make it even more attractive to the customer.

My friend from college called up last night in panic,to say that his customer had given him the thumbs down for his XPages project because of the time that it took to run.

Last month we were creating a Workflow project for one of our clients in which we had to allow the Sales Engineer to create an initial request using a Web form,

Last Thursday, I had an urgent mail from one of my colleagues who wanted to execute a Java Agent from Lotus Notes to connect to the Oracle 11g database.

Ray Ozzie’s vision on Lotus Notes as a database with a loosely defined data schema with concepts of rich text, robust database programs

There are two ways of running an Agent from XPages and I will elaborate both in a step by step process.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interact with many different enterprises – a lot of them having Lotus Notes as part of their infrastructure.

We are starting a new series of blog posts, where we are trying to share the experience of our developers from coding perspective.

The rapid proliferation of Enterprise mobility has created the need for IT managers to extend their Lotus Applications on a mobile platform.

It was pleasure conducting a webinar in the IBM Developerworks Forum on May 2, 2012. The webinar was about how to enable social connections through XPages.

I think most of the fellow developers would want to have subversioning using the SVN Server with Domino Designer for Lotus Notes Databases.

I am back with the second post in the series. I was part of the IBM Code-a-thon that happened along with IBM Lotusphere 2012 in Mumbai.

Tweak Thursday will be a regular feature in Maarga blog from today, that will give you simple codes and widgets that will help make your user experience better.

File Sharing has been around for years (decades) now, and is deeply embedded into organizational workflows everywhere. In many organizations there are basic crude systems,

Maarga has been part of Lotusphere over the years and this year, it’s going to be pretty different from what we did over the years.

so you do have > 8 databases and would like to integrate some of them. Here are some areas that are likely to be problematic when merging multiple databases into one

iDoSphere is an online event happening on 15th and 16th February.

There is 1 div and 1 panel – showing the different charts.The code is very similar in both the div and panel.