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IBM SmartCloud:The Smarter Alternative To Domino Infrastructure

Is managing your enterprise’s Domino Infrastructure taking up too much time ? Tired of maintaining on premise servers? Need a smarter solution for your on-the-go workforce? It’s time to switch to IBM SmartCloud. IBM Smartcloud was introduced by IBM as a step ahead technology to simplify Domino Administration and overcome other hiccups in maintaining on [...]

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Unleashing Enterprise Social Collaboration Beyond Email

A study by McKinsey Global Institute found that on an average, an employee spends 28% of his or her time at work reading and answering emails. That’s a whopping 13 hours a week of employees “being busy” without focussing on productive tasks. So what is it that makes emails so ineffective when it comes to [...]

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IBM Quickr to Office 365 Migration: How to Address Data Validation Challenges

Among the challenges to a successful migration, data validation is one of the top three. This article outlines how our methodology addresses this problem. Data validation often happens in two phases 1. Pre-migration 2. Post-migration Pre-migration phase is relevant whenever the target platform is yet to be chosen. This is carried out during the discovery [...]

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Communication Dimensions: ESN Tool Adoption

"Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch" A new ESN tool (IBM Connections, Yammer, Jive, etc.) introduced in an organization triggers a series of things. Some are hesitant to try a new tool. For others would stick with email or other collaboration alternative which they have habituated to use. The biggest challenge is in ESN Tool Adoption . But there are exceptions everywhere [...]

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Collaboration Almanac can help us visualize collaboration goals

Collaboration Almanac is an indigenous product of Maarga that helps organize and visualize collaboration goals an organization throughout the year, with special focus on the tasks that should be performed to achieve the required level of Social Software adoption. The Almanac would be useful for: - Someone who identifies adoption as a key challenge in [...]

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Getting Started: Existing Xpage on IBM Bluemix/Hybrid Application

Read our step wise guide on how IBM Bluemix can be leveraged with your existing Xpage application. If you are not able to see the content below, click here.

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Team from Maarga Systems wins Third Prize in Air India Travel & Tourism Quiz

As an organization, we always support our employees to participate in competitions - both work related and non-work related. We had our team winning the Codeathon organized by IBM at Mumbai last year. We have an active Cricket team that participates in corporate tournaments in Chennai City. The quiz team comprising of Anantha Subramanian (Asst. [...]

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How Connections is different from Quickr?

Recently, IBM has been heavily promoting their social collaboration software, ‘Connections’ which at first glance looks similar to ‘Lotus Quickr’ existing for quite some time. Though there is overlap between features of Quickr and Connections, there are also some basic differences about them. Before shedding light on the basic differences in terms of meeting certain [...]

By | July 11th, 2013|Blog|0 Comments – Crowd Sourcing charms

Crowd Sourcing is an interesting pattern that has emerged in the age of ubiquitous internet. While our typical organizational paradigms lead to centralization of responsibilities, crowd sourcing throws open a whole variety of responsibilities to the crowd. I ran into an interesting example of crowd sourcing as I was trying to browse LinkedIn for some [...]

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