Things we are going to discuss in the Lotus Notes Application Migration article will be on

  • Migration Roadmap
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Prototype/PoC
  • Piloting
  • Migration and Closeout
  • Opportunities and Benefits
  • Check-List

Lotus Notes Applicatinon Migration from Maarga Systems

1.Migration Roadmap:-

Prepare- Initiation a meeting with the team first. Create a business case, goals and project charter risks and mitigation.

Plan and POC- Create a prototype, test it and finalize target platform, then do a detailed project planning.

Migrate- Do a planned, controlled and gradual migration with intermediate milestones and implement envisaged process changes.

Closeout- Clean up legacy infrastructure, provide end user training and provide a user manual kind of document for their reference.

2.Plan and Prepare:-

Choose a platform depending on the organization size, existing technologies, future plans, application complexity. Identify and consult Stakeholders, because it is essential to ensure that all stakeholders are in a plan to migrate. Rationalize portfolio with Maarga’s Portfolio Analyzer tool that can assess and advise how to rationalize your application portfolio before migration.

Explore the scope for tools, how much of the portfolio can be migrated with tools? How many standard templates? How much customization? How complex? Create a detailed plan for the portfolio that can be based on business unit, critical applications etc. Our advice:AGILE model works best.

3.Prototype And Plan:-

A proof of concept enables you to determine whether a solution is appropriate for your organization’s needs and goals.

Demonstrate with the complete range of a solution capabilities and provides hands- on experience to managers, IT personnel, and users.  A POC can be set up fairly quick, this can bring down the decision making time as a lot of features and usability issues can be tried first hand. Vendor support quality, Limitations of target platform, Technical problems, etc. can be foreseen. Bring Stakeholders on Board give them opportunity to demonstrate the product’s benefits to upper management and reinforce data on return on investment.


Gather momentum with Pilot by understanding the Environmental challenges. Vendor support quality, limitations of target platform, Technical problems, etc can be foreseen.

5.Lotus Notes Application Migration and Closeout:-

Do a planned, controlled, gradual migration  and advance through intermediate milestones.
Lotus Notes Application Migration

6.Close Out:-

Plethora of Apps and Tools Moving from a legacy system also needs managing and phasing out a ton of apps and tools that are left behind. Redundancy could be due to apps developed in geographical or departmental silos. It takes planned effort to identify, consolidate and move out of redundant applications created from same Notes template.
Great information is often trapped re-chunking improves data usability. Free data tied to tools or technologies. Poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. (Gartner – Measuring the Business Value of Data Quality, 2011) Free up infrastructure efficiency gained during migration will be maximized by simultaneously freeing tied up infrastructure.

7. Opportunities & Benefits:-

Consolidate your existing suite of applications. Seamless integration can be brought forth with careful planning and choice of technologies. Redesign processes that have not changed in years due to being tied to legacy systems. Reduce operating cost by adding support statistical and research information as an appendix for readers who want a deep dive. Businesses are moving to a world where email will be effectively replaced with collaboration tools.
Ensure future readiness by planning and moving towards better collaboration of your global workforce, today. Link to in-depth materials (forums, discussion boards, white papers) for readers who want to research further and leverage new technology. Cite resources and give credit to your sourced authors so readers can gain more insights. Lotus Notes Application Migration is huge and challenging. And beyond challenges lie worthy prizes. Maarga helps organizations to capitalize the host of promising possibilities that arise from a rebuilding exercise.


Protect Stakeholders and end users by providing productivity training and adoption time. Cost and Time for migration. Entire systems to have two versions during migration like for like migration and staged Migration? Here is the list of things to be wary of while planning for Lotus Notes Application Migration

Maarga Capabilities:-

Code Assets and Frameworks-

  • XMAP
  • Portfolio Analyzer
  • Third party tools through partnerships


  • IBM
  • Dell Quest
  • Gupta Technologies


  • 10+ years of Notes
  • Availability of resources familiar with both technologies
  • In-house tools and proven automation capabilities

Risk Management-

  • Ensure availability of both platforms till the new apps stabilize
  • Accurate estimation through pilot

Change Management-

  • Maarga’s adoption approach
  • Specialized Adoption Manager
  • End user training gamification

Capable Architects-

  • Experienced technology architects
  • Expertise in BPM
  • In-house expertise in multiple technology stacks

Scaled up Team-

With Excellent Lotus skills that differentiates us from 1-2 people boutiques with exceptional skills or from 100,000 people factories with poor skills.

Maarga is a boutique consultancy with deep expertise in Lotus Notes migration, digital transformation and enterprise collaboration. Reach out to Maarga with your needs at