IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration how and why every organisations need to be social. Let us answer some of the questions in your mind.

Migrate To Office 365 -10 Elements Of Successful Strategy By Maarga Systems

Why do CIOs want to migrate out of IBM Notes? Reason, Cloud is easy to scale fast. Every company want to embrace social collaboration which is cost effective and easy for communication.

The next big question is why organisation want to go social?
Greater business agility, organisations like to have engaged and productive employees with minimum disruption.

But IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration isn’t Child’s Play and not an average project to complete. So Maarga systems has a unique way to migrate IBM Notes to Office 356.

How do you do this?

IBM Notes To IBM Smartcloud Migration – A checklist for easy migration
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Planning is the key, but what do I plan for? Here is the list of things to be taken care for IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration

  • Migration Model
  • Staffing the Program
  • Licensing
  • Phased rollouts
  • Integrations with LOB applications
  • Mobility, Performance
  • Security and Compliance
  • Change management and adoption
  • Data – what, when and where
  • Current team – redeployment, training
  • Retiring Legacy System

A migration model can be of two types,

  • Cutover
  • Hybrid

What does cutover mean?

Moving all users in one go this works for smaller organizations or for specific teams in larger organizations good for upto 1000 mailboxes.

What is Hybrid way of migration?

Moving users in phases in co-exist with Lotus Notes infrastructure but, recommended for large dispersed organizations.

Every migration will have some issues, what are those issues and how to handle and over come it.

Migration model- issues that can derail:-

  1. Improper architecture:-
  • Create interim and final architecture
  • Identify bottlenecks in implementing architecture
    • Active Directory sync
    • Firewall rules/Changes to Firewall
    • SPAM and Malware control
  1. Customized Notes Mail Functionality:–
  • Document customizations
  • Identify workarounds/alternatives
  • Emphasize Change management & adoption

Staffing the Program:-

IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration

Issues that can derail the staffing program and how to fix it:-

Q)Not having experienced architect(s)?

Q)Insufficient team strength during migration?
A)Train your notes administrator(s) or plan for attrition

Q)L1/L2 team capability on Office 365.
A)Plan for change management ahead of time, create SOPs before 1st wave of migration or train L1/L2 team asap.

Office 365 license is available in subscription model(per user/per month). Choose wisely and here is some tips from our side. Plan for growth but review current needs. Differentiate plans based on employee job profile/need. Not everyone requires an E3 or E5 plan. Always remember to keep your IBM Notes licenses and plan for incremental reduction, rollouts and reduce servers incrementally.

Change management and adoption is a big task for migration team. Maarga has special adoption consultant who helps people to adopt Office 365 quickly by active specific use cases. Use analytics to drive adoption, anticipate end user issues, use tools to analyze Office 365’s usage and health.

Retiring Legacy Notes Servers:-

At last IBM Notes To Office 365 Migration has come to an end, hopefully without any issues. Some checks has to be done to servers having undocumented applications. Run analyzers to identify server use before migration. Consider consolidating applications on few servers. Plan based on effort-benefit ROI analysis and consider moving applications to cloud servers.
Domino serving as LDAP:- Identify dependencies especially with IBM Connections, IBM Quickr and IBM Same time. Consider transitioning to AD for authentication, authorization and single sign-on for all internal applications.

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