Introduction As a consultant, I am often asked “When do we use Power Platform?” or “What are the use cases where it makes most sense to use Power Platform?”. The answer is usually some type of permutation of “It depends on your specific scenario.” One of the mistakes I made earlier on in my career […]

As an organization, we always support our employees to participate in competitions – both work related and non-work related.

Crowd Sourcing is an interesting pattern that has emerged in the age of ubiquitous internet.

I naturally slipped into a pensive state when I got a mail yesterday from a colleague working out of Hyderabad that Dr.Anji Reddy of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has passed away.

I was leaving early last Saturday morning to head out to Kolkata to present to the students of IIM Calcutta (my alma mater – Calcutta was changed to Kolkata but the name still stands with the institution) the career options available with Maarga.

I was back to the service after a significant hiatus, and was pleasantly surprised with the simple and elegant interface

Differentiating between Design & Data Any application has a mixture of design & data. Both of these constituents cannot be imagined of without the other.

It was a red letter day for Maarga as her contribution to spearheading innovation and paving the path for other entrepreneurs to follow was lauded at the Raj Bhavan by His Excellency Dr.K.Rosaiah, The Governor of TamilNadu.

It’s the time of the year when we celebrate beyond religion, country or race.

When I compare notes with my customers – either IT executives or Line of Business executives, I realize that running a department in a large organization has its similarities with running a small organization.

Effective outsourcing is one of the significant areas, an IT Manager should concentrate on, if he/she aims to achieve the best ROI from an Outsourcing Partner.

When pushing for leading edge technology, I often hear skepticism – sometimes quite and often quite articulate.

IBM came out with its 3rd quarter earnings yesterday. It is not always I follow quarterly earnings, but I’ve been keen of late and went through the entire earnings call.

Today I read two blog posts that influenced me to write this up.

Last week, Amazon announced a slew of additions to its Kindle Fire and Kindle product families.

Last week as part of the training program, I was overseeing the XPages project done by the new recruits.

I just landed in Dubai en-route from New York City to Chennai. I flew one of Emirates Airlines A 380 flights.

One of the important restrictions of the IBM XWork server is that it can be used to host only 4 applications with maximum 4 databases each. That is 16 non-system databases.

I have been a Lotus Enthusiast for the last 15 years and been reading blogs for the last 6 or so. However I have never put my pen onto paper (well, keyboard onto screen) to blog so far.

Setting the ‘type’ in input fields ensures that the iPhone and iPad give you an optimized keyboard for text entry.