Take Your Notes
Applications Mobile
For Just $7999*

Around 80% of workforce use mobile devices for work and work related activities.

And not just that – more than two-thirds of workforce now bring their own mobile devices to work. If you add the fact that currently each executive or manager has an average of  more than 3 devices with them for work, you are staring at the obvious. Enabling your workforce to work on mobile devices is no longer a feel-good feature but a must to increase productivity.


Not that you don’t know this. It’s just knowing the right strategy, finding the right partner, knowing who has the expertise and, phew, getting a hang on timelines, cost and risks involved, is what is putting you off from those decisions. Which applications to take mobile? What about disruptions? How will the organization be impacted?

You also know about the XPages framework from IBM. But then again several doubts persist as to how it actually helps you reach your goal. Maarga can help you answer all these questions and much more. We are an IBM Premier Partner and we are one of the first to start the XPages framework practice. We have taken hundreds of notes applications mobile for various customers and we do understand the doubts. And for that reason we now offer “XPilot” – an offering that will enable you to exactly know what it takes to make your applications mobile. Over a 10 working day period we will make one of your applications* mobile-ready. During this process you will understand how to prioritize your notes applications, preparations for taking them mobile, the process and expected benefits. And for a period till March 31, 2015…

…XPilot at a special price of $7999*

What will this solution cover:

2 Days

  • Identify the application to be Mobile enabled
  • Run the design Analysis tool on the application
  • Analyze the Design Analysis report and identify areas to be Mobile enabled
  • Setup the plan, staging area
  • Prepare list of test users and roles to setup testing instance

0.5 Days

  • Share the server pre-requisites for optimized running of Mobile applications
  • Share the staging area link and credentials for user testing

1.5 Days

  • Develop new UI compatible for both web & mobile
  • Deploy to staging area for user input
  • Demonstrate UI on mobile and web

4 Days

  • Implement defined functionality
  • Deploy to staging area for user input
  • Demonstrate functionality on mobile and web

2 Days

  • Create user documentation and user video
  • Provide final application template, documentation and roll out plan to customer

Why XPilot?

  • Formulate your Notes Applications Modernization strategy using XPages
  • Gives you the ‘actual’ feel of taking your applications mobile
  • Cost-effective and hence risk-free
  • No disruptions – know all this while your applications have no stoppage

Other benefits of taking your applications mobile through XPages

  • Leverage on your IBM Notes investments
  • Reduce license and server management costs
  • Make applications more user-friendly and hence increase usage
  • Improve reporting capabilities

* For one application to be taken mobile that will consist of a max of 2 data inputs, 2 levels of workflow / approval and 2 reports.

Yes! I want to take my Notes Applications mobile and I want it now! Here are my details.

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