I think most of the fellow developers would want to have subversioning using the SVN Server with Domino Designer for Lotus Notes Databases. This week’s tweak will explain you how to enable the version control system for the Lotus Notes Databases using Sublclipse

Step 1: Enable the Install Option in the designer from the Preferences panel



Step 2: Install the Subclipse using Update Site












Step 3: Update site is https://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.8.x

























Step 4: Click Finish, to proceed to other screen

Step 5: Click Next, Accept and Install all the plugins as it prompts












Step 6: After the above step, restart the domino eclipse client. Install the ‘SourceEnableControl’ plugin, by downloading the SourceEnableControl100 plugin zip file. Add the zip file to the application list from the unzipped folder using “Add Zip/ Jar location” option.












Step 7: Click OK, and proceed to Finish for the next screen

Step 8: Select all and click next and Accept and Install the drivers.Restart the domino designer. Check the preferences and make sure that all the options are enabled























Step 9: You are ready for the Use of subversion. Now connect your SVN server and enjoy !!!