Why compare UiPath vs BluePrism vs Automation Anywhere? 

These three toolsets are the leaders in the world of Robotic process automation according to Gartner reportsUiPath is particularly leading at the top for pioneering Automation with AI to make even the automation of complex and cognitive processes possible. 


  • Basic understanding of the business process, flow, and control 
  • Across all three toolsets, the common denominator is a fundamental understanding of C# and .NET 
  • In addition to this, While BluePrism has an exclusive certification program, UiPath and Automation Anywhere offers learning avenues 

Setting up 

All three toolsets provide community editions or free trails, which the developers can take advantage of, please follow the link to download the community edition in addition to its own certification program. 

Getting started  

While UiPath largely supports visual design, BluePrism and Automation Anywhere are developer-friendly 

Areas where UiPath edges over BluePrism and Automation Anywhere

  • Unlike BluePrism and Automation Anywhere, UiPath offers Visual Design, which simplifies the task of designing the process flow to a great extent.
  • UiPath has richer support for OCR integration, with its own prepare and present validation station activity for a human in the loop verification of the data extracted out by OCR process
  • UiPath extends support for python and PowerShell through activities to invoke themwhile command line BluePrism object supports a similar functionality, the same can also be accomplished using a metabot on Automation Anywhere 
  • Like UiPath, Automation Anywhere has a marketplace for Bots: 
  • UiPath has a much-extended ecosystem with Native and Custom Activities available across UiPath Go, it supports automation across a wide range of platforms, including: 
    • Lotus Notes Email Support  
      • To ReceiveSendMoveDelete  
    • O365 Automation  
      • Excel OnlineOutlookOnedrive  
    • Enhanced Gsuite  
      • There are over 30 activitiesfor most of the Google services  
    • DevOps  
      • UiPath GoJenkins MarketplaceVisual Studio Marketplace  

The flipside

At the time of this writing, when a site undergoes a makeover after a bot is created, it is a humongous task to rewire/repair the bot for the design using UiPath, whereas Automation Anywhere has the capability to readjust according to the new design.