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How are you?

Just as we ask ourselves this everyday, common but important question, we need to ask this of our infrastructure as well. According to the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey, 37% of the Annual IT investment is made in Infrastructure & Data Center (up from 31%). Because, having a healthy and stable infrastructure is the key to 99% uptime of key business applications.

It is the same for Domino Infrastructure, both Mail and Applications. For a smooth and disruption-free working of your Notes Applications / mail you need a healthy and stable server. To keep pace with your organization’s growth which translates into increase in user activity and thus integrations with other systems, you need servers that can be robust. Quality of Domino servers decreases with increase in activity. The other disadvantage with a degraded Domino server will be the inability to roll out new releases. This is also because of the lack of expertise – dealing with unstable servers.

Constant optimizing and fine-tuning of the performance of a Domino Server will lead to improved quality of service. This is achieved by identifying and fixing areas that cause applications to become unstable. Prolonging this process puts an unnecessary burden on short-term measures ultimately making TCO much larger than anticipated.

Domino Infrastructure

The  rich  infrastructure  of  e-mail,  collaboration  and people-centered  workflow  applications  has  brought many organizations considerable business value, both in  terms  of  improving  and  streamlining  business processes, as well as enabling organizations to react quickly  to  opportunities  and  threats.  It  is  the  very success  of  these  tools  that  has  driven  their  rapid adoption and the associated costs of supporting their enthusiastic user base.

However,  there  is  a  way  to  address  the  operational costs while retaining these business benefits. Significant reductions in IBM / Lotus / Domino Total Cost of Ownership  (TCO)  can  be  delivered  quickly  with minimum disruption. Quick TCO wins are possible if efforts are concentrated on the areas that will bring the fastest returns such as server consolidation and e-mail management.  Improving  the  work  habits  of  the  end users by deploying advanced collaboration applications for  example,  or  implementing  and  enforcing  a  new e-mail usage policy, can also deliver dramatic results.

With today’s complex IT environments, businesses run the  risk  of  experiencing  problems  such  as  system degradation  or  downtime.  System  stability  and performance  improvements  can  often  be  made  by making configuration adjustments based on a thorough technical  evaluation  performed  by  experienced  IBM Software Group Services professionals. The Domino Server Health Check is designed to assist Lotus Customers in identifying key areas for Domino Server system stability and performance improvement. This  service  will  provide recommendations  to  assist you in ensuring that any cost, due to server outages is minimized and server performance is optimized.

The Domino Server Health Check focuses on the following areas of your Domino environment:
•    Messaging and replication
•    Management, administration and housekeeping activities
•    Capacity planning, load balancing & performance
•    Security

The output of a  Domino Health Check is a detailed, independent report outlining system health status and trends, areas for improvement and recommended actions. This process will also analyze overall Domino infrastructure, the server settings and configurations. By carrying out this check you will:
•    Be able to anticpate areas of concern that might impact the business
•    Improve the quality of service or at the minimum maintain status quo
•    Can predcit infrastructure requirements
•    Identify cost reduction opportunities

The Domino Server Health Check Process
•    Discovery Meetings
•    SME Review of Key System Parameters
•    SME Discussion with Stakeholders on Future Growth
•    Report Preparation
•    Presentation

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Benefits include:

  • Know the weak areas in your server
  • Prioritize server upgrades and maintenance
  • Improve performance of your applications
  • Roadmap Recommendations

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