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Enterprise Social Software (ESS)

The need to utilize unexposed, latent expertise in the workforce that eventually fosters innovation has become imminent in every organization. Traditional intranet and file sharing systems are no longer attractive to employees who are exposed to much easier to use social products in the public domain. Therefore, companies need to constantly cope with changing workforce dynamics and enabling better collaboration between customers, partners and employees.

How does ESS help?

ESS enables employees to work smarter and deliver results by connecting with various people and knowledge communities. It can be used as a platform to brainstorm, collaborate and share information. Maarga’s Enterprise Social Networking solutions enable companies effectively use Web 2.0 technologies to collaborate, both internally within the organization and with external stakeholders to support their dynamic business needs.

There is an increasing need for enterprise internetworking to enable knowledge sharing and thereby improving productivity. Organizations perform better when they use a single platform for interaction to solve problems that results in improved decision making. As IBM’s Premier Business Partner, we work closely with them to provide our customers with quick and effective service. IBM Connections 5 can be deployed to allow your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results.


  • Infrastructure and Deployment
  • Remote infrastructure Management
  • Customization
  • Adoption Consulting

Benefits of Enterprise Social Networking

      • Enables your employees to drive growth and innovation by fostering their networks
      • Helps employees work smarter and deliver results by connecting with various knowledge and people communities

Provides the tools and technologies that “next-gen” workers expect

      • Improves the speed of execution in your organization and captures best practices for reuse

Helps gain better insights and build stronger bonds with partners and clients and increase market responsiveness

      • Controls and manages the way social software is used and adopted in your organization
      • Helps increase efficiency and effectiveness of business processes by using existing skills discovered through your organization’s professional network
      • Helps you make better decisions by involving experts across the organization
      • Enhances collaboration and thus accelerates organization -wide innovation

IBM Connections is an Enterprise Social Platform from IBM that enables organisations to embrace social collaboration and integrate social with business processes to achieve maximum business value. It helps employees to network, identify peers and collaborate with each other to provide maximum productivity. Connections can also be used to engage with customers and help in providing better value to them.

ConnectionsDeck is a personal IBM Connections dashboard for your IBM Connections developed by Maarga that will help you to easily monitor all your connections data on a single window. You can also view all your favourite feeds from external sites and also feeds from any XPages application. We are excited to bring you ConnectionsDeck that will elevate your IBM Connections experience.

What is ConnectionsDeck?

  • ConnectionsDeck is an universal personal dashboard that runs on your IBM Connections server that can bring any feed on to a single window
  • It was inspired by TweetDeck, a Twitter client with column based user interface
  • ConnectionsDeck is built on WebSphere and runs along with your IBM Connections
  • It can bring in feeds from activity streams, bookmarks from people who you follow
  • It gives instant updates from communities that you follow on your IBM Connections
  • Multiple RSS Feeds from external sites can also be added to ConnectionsDeck

Benefits of ConnectionsDeck

  • Runs on IBM Connections Server along with your Connections
  • Highly flexible single window dashboard and every column can be personalised according to your preferences
  • Support for multiple RSS feeds in the same column
  • Ability to bring in any feed from an XPages application
  • Light weight and doesn’t hog the performance of your Connections Server
  • Support for two eye catching themes and can be switched at the stroke of a button

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Due to the rising need for enterprises to facilitate powerful internetworking, it becomes more important to invest in an enterprise social and collaboration solution. As a perspective, spending on Enterprise Social Networking Software is forecasted to increase from $4.77 billion to $8.14 billion.

Social and collaboration activities also include the need to include mobility. Increase in trends like BYOD, mobile workforce and mobile access, provide flexibility in the workplace environment. Therefore, cloud based solutions and their cost effectiveness are making companies rethink their investments in managing and maintaining large infrastructure setup’s internally.

 “Enterprise social networks and collaboration” will grow from $800 million to $4.5 billion by 2016.  – IDC Report

The success of organizations are also being defined by how well they increase enterprise productivity, along with cost control measures, in conjunction with the growing demand for “Social Connectedness”.

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